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712 - Sourdough, liquid, double bag 2 x 2.64 oz

712 - Sourdough, liquid, 2x2.64 OZ


Seitenbacher Sourdough is a natural liquid sourdough (not powder) for use into home baked bread. It is used to give flovour, longer shelf life and helps easier to digest. It is the ideal ingredient for traditonal Sourdough Bread (It is real sourdough - not a flovour or aroma product).


Please store in the refrige at home. Warm it befor use, in handwarm water, or put it in a warm room over night. This is pure Sourdough. For immediac use make a regular bread dough with yeast and just add 1 bag of Seitenbacher Sourdough. Your bread will taste fantastic.


For better results add Seitenbacher Dry Yeast for home made braed.  
A special yeast withoudt additives - all natural - especially for bread.

712 - Sourdough, liquid, double bag 2 x 2.64 oz

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